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Our most popular products are shown below to pursue the goal of creating "Genuine Happy Organic Life." Please contact for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Workshops & Seminars

You will enjoy our inspirational workshops on the topics of:

1, Create a chemical free life for you with EM

2, Reduce & Recycle your kitchen waste

3, Strength your Immune System & Vitalize your health.

4, Enjoy your Urban Nature Farming at hand

The application of EM(Effective Microorganisms)can improve your own environment and revive the original ecosystem. It can also ease your Organic Farming/Gardening to produce quality, healthy produce. You will experience amazing results that can leads you to joyful and prosperous life with nature.

Organic Instructors certified by INFRC (International Nature Farming Research Center) will guide you in how to establish genuine Organic Life for both producers and consumers with innovative technologies and advanced knowledge.

Please talk to our professionals for more details. 

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