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Organic​ Consultation makes a difference in your life.

The organic Instructors certified by INFRC (International Nature Farming Research Center) will guide you and coach you in how to establish genuine Organic Life for both producers and consumers with innovative technologies and advanced knowledge. From small planters to several acres, the gardening/ farming instructions with EM technologies are flexible and applicable to various conditions and environments depending on your needs.

Consultation for Farmers & Professionals:

Management of farm, marketing strategies & researches, new product developments are also provided to expand your professional agricultural business. 

Motivational Workshops, Personal Coaching, and Agency services are also available not only for organic farmers, farm owners, distributors/ merchandisers, but also for general small business owners and managers of corporations in the service industry.

Workshops & Seminars:

Specific and general information about organic produce such as "What are Organic foods?" or "What's the difference?" can be instructed through seminars for consumers, who are more aware of safety and quality and are strongly interested in local brand products.

You will enjoy our inspirational workshops on the topics of:

1, Create a chemical free life with EM

2, Reduce & Recycle your kitchen waste

3, Strength your Immune System & Vitalize your health.

4, Enjoy your Urban Nature Farming at hand

Translation/Interpreting Services:

Translation/Interpreting services are also given for you, if you'd like to expand your business to Japanese markets both in the US and Japan. The services include translation from Japanese to English (also ENG. to JPN), specializing in agricultural and philosophical fields, re-writing website for a particular market such as Japan, translating and editing brochures, etc. YouTube marketing, SNS sharing marketing strategies are also advised.

Promote Roof Top Gardening:


Rooftop gardening is on the cutting edge of urban farming & food production around New York area.  The beauty of green roof can attract the public interests, and comfort your guests of eyes and minds.

Studies suggest that the access to, or simply views of areas of the roof can improve property values, and increase worker productivity and creativity, as well as being useful for health and horticultural therapy. 

One of the important environmental benefits of green roof systems is to moderate the urban heat island effect. In other words, the green roof can lower the cost of air-conditioning for the buildings. Additionally, urban plantings have also been shown to improve urban air quality.

Green roof systems are also economically sound, lasting much longer than conventional roofs, since the green layer protects the roof membrane from temperature fluctuations, puncture, and UV damage. A case observed in London shows that after 50 years under a green roof planting, the roof membrane was still in excellent condition, far surpassing the 10 - 15 year life span of its contemporaries.

The rooftop gardening can definitely help the sustainability of urban systems, and reduce the environmental burden. The average American meal travels 1500 miles from field to table, using 10 times more energy than the caloric value of the food itself. This represents an incredible environmental cost in fossil fuel emissions, pollution associated with extraction, and loss and division of natural habitat by asphalt.

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