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Our Philosophy

Solutions for Happy Organic is an educational institution, and its purpose is to create a sustainable “Happy Organic Life,” a prototype of “Heaven on Earth.”

It is a state that you live in a healthy, wealthy, and peaceful environment, where Nature Farming, organic farming/gardening, is practiced and appreciated. You enjoy producing and eating healthy foods, and living in a chemical-free, earth friendly lifestyle.

It is our philosophy that Truth, Virtue, and Beauty are manifested in your Happy Organic Life by learning from Nature, respecting Cosmic Laws, and following the Universal Principles.


What We Do

SHARING our accumulated knowledge, experiences, and innovative technologies for practicing Urban Nature Farming, has been done through fun seminars, and friendly consultation, agent services, coaching, and workshops for urban farmers, gardeners, and consumers.

USING our products using the technology of Effective Microorganisms (EM) can lead you to creating the Happy Organic Life in and around your communities, and enjoy a significant life. 

Our PR Supporting System/Translation projects will enrich your organic business activities and will lead you to success.

What is Nature Farming?

Nature Farming is an ecological and sustainable farming approach, established first in 1936 by Okada Mokichi, a Japanese visionary, entrepreneur, artist, spiritual founder, and expanded on later by Fukuoka Masanobu, a Japanese farmer and philosopher, introduced in his 1975 book "The One-Straw Revolution." Their ways of farming, described as 自然農法 (Shizen noho) in Japanese, avoid the use of any synthetic chemicals, and focus on the maximization of soil potentiality by encouraging the complexity of living organisms, for example. Nature Farming may be also described as Shumei, Organics, MOA, and similarly-minded nature-based farming philosophies in support of nutritious food, sustainable, healthy ecosystems, and a livable planet.


Reputed to be passionate, speaking easily to understand, and teaching inspiringly

Introducing the Instructor to You



Terry is a certified Urban Farming Coach, accredited by International Nature Farming Research Center; the owner of "Solutions for Organic Life, LLC"; originally from Japan, involved in grass root Nature Farming expansion movement since 1970's.  

While practicing Nature Farming, realizing the importance of natural healing process, Terry had been trained and had mastered a healing method, and been working on more than 3000 patients.  

Currently, educating organic farmers and gardeners in NY/NJ, helping promote the Bokashi Composting for the community gardens, he envisions creating a prototype of "Paradise on Earth" by increasing more organic farms/home gardens in the urban areas around North-East areas of the US.

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