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Bokashi and EM Products

See the Goods that Can Lead You to A Healthy and Comfortable Life, Balanced with Great Nature by the Power of the Microorganisms.

EM-1 (500ml/16ounce) -  EM-1 is Soil Conditioner Concentrate, a complex culture of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms coexisting in a same environment (mainly, lactic acid bacteria, yeast, photosynthetic bacteria). These various microorganisms work together in the soil to exert a synergistic effect, which is useful for soil improvement. It can also be used for water purification, sanitary management in the livestock industry, and malodor control. 

EM 1  


$30 + Shipping

EM-X Gold Prebiotic | 500mL | 

<For Drinking>

EM-X Gold is an immune booster drink that is created by using a fermentation process. The process involves, using Effective Microorganisms, a method commonly used making soy sauce. The drink includes trace minerals, vitamins, beneficial bacteria and healthy enzymes.

Benefits of adding EM-X Gold to your diet are:

(1) Faster, effective decontamination of the organs, (2) Improving your acid/alkaline balance in your body, (3) Strengthen your immune system, (4) Lower the risk of infection & reduce your allergies.

EM-X Gold Prebiotic 500mL

$92 + shipping

What's Bokashi?

It is fermented organic materials with Effective Microorganisms.  Bokashi is an organic fermentation accelerator, made of rice/wheat bran, for kitchen waste recycling, soil amendment, enhancing the potential of soil.

Vegetables grown by this Bokashi method are resistant to insects, can be produced without using pesticides

Of course, it tastes good because the beneficial microbes produce nutritious elements out of kitchen waste for the crops.  It is known that vegetables grown on fluffy soil are delicious, and the beneficial microbes can make the soil soft and efficient for other local microbes, living organisms, insects, and worms to work together and create a synergy.


For Kitchen Waste Compost

1 gallon (1.2 lb)

$14 + shipping

You might think Kitchen Waste Composting is a difficult process, requiring a big investment, but with Bokashi method it isn't the case.  It is an easy method of indoor composting, holding several advantages over traditional bio-digester composting. It is only a two-step method, generally doesn't produce bad smells, no flies, can be done in small batches, and can be used as a slow-release fertilizer.


Bokashi method is an excellent way that makes your vegetables grown in a safe, sanitary, sustainable way, using recycling kitchen waste, turning it into wonderful, useful compost.

EmBalance Plastics Keep Freshness

Introducing a new plastic material that utilizes the efficacy of EM​

     "Embalance" is a new plastic that the efficacy of EM is applied by using the theory of hydrothermal science. This is the first product made of the innovative plastic material.

     After trial and error, it first appeared as a polyethylene bag. When I added vegetables and fruits to this first prototype, and conducted a comparative experiment on the change in freshness, it showed a wonderful result: the food in the Embalance bag was much fresher, and lasted longer than that of the other regular bags.  I also felt that not only the freshness but also the taste better, changing from being "rough" to "mellow." It was as if the foods were happy. The Embalance was born there.

     Like wood or cloth products, it is a new plastic that can be used with a "Mottainai spirit". (Developer: Katsuhisa Masumoto)

Mist Sprayer

100ml  $10.00+shipping

Stay Fresher Longer Container, Round

Stay Fresher Longer Container, Square

Freshen Zipper Bag

The Embalance products can enhance the taste of "mellow and delicious" originally included in vegetables and fruits.  It can also alter the quality of water, from hard water into soft water. You can rejuvenate your daily water easily and healthily. In particular, if you put the EM solution in this spray bottle and use it, you can expect a synergistic effect.

     Embalance products were developed with the idea of revitalizing the food itself, rather than killing putrefactive bacteria, to keep the food fresh. The effect works, therefore, directly on the food, and not only keeps it fresh, but also makes the food more delicious and nutritious.

"The side dishes packed in the lunch box are hardly going bad, and remain fresh and delicious."

"Leaf vegetables in the Freshen Zipper Bag remain crispy for a long time"

"The taste of the food stored in the container does not lose flavor." ...etc.

     Many joyful comments and honest feedback have been sent to us from our customers who have used the products in daily life.

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