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Our Blog: CAM (Comprehensive Agro-Ecosystem Management)

How You Can Build Up Soil & Environment Around You For Maximum Yield

Our Latest Blog Entry

October 1, 2022

Chemical Fertilizers malfunction the regular natural process of decomposition in soil.  Thus your soil losses its healthiness, which leads to biodiversity loss, deforestation, and desertification.  Okada Mokichi, the founder of Nature Farming, already warned in early 20th century.  

Our Second Blog Entry

January 4, 2023

Dr, Higa, the inventor of EM, discovered that aerobic and anaerobic microbes can coexist under the same environment because they can feed each other, and create favorable conditions for each other.  He also observed that there are mainly two different directions the microbes can grow: the regenerative and degenerative.  Even opposed types of microbes can coexist if they are under the same direction.  

Weeds Foes Enemy_.png

January 15, 2022

Weeds should be properly treated depending on the condition of your soil in the garden.  This article will tell you how you can understand the soil condition.

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