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Solutions for Happy Organic presents:



-A EM Seminar Series-

Did YOU know that Overuse of Antibiotics, Fertilizers, Pesticides is Fueling our Modern Plaques?

Did you know that there are millions of Helpful Microbes Vitally Important for your gardening and also improving your health?

Are YOU curious about Living Naturally without any Synthetic Chemicals?

Did YOU know that your Kitchen Waste can be a Good Resource of Regenerating the Earth?


Did YOU get any assumption that the More Fertilizers, the Better to grow Vegetables?

Are YOU frustrated and irritated because your Tomato always get Bugs and Pests?

FACT: Antibiotics Eventually Weaken Your Immune System because they kill both Bad Bacteria & Good Microbes in Your Body.

Did YOU know that Microbes exist more than 100 trillion in your intestines? Martin Blaser, MD, states that "Microbes play a Critical Role in your ability to combat disease, and parts of them are disappearing," due to the overuse of antibiotics ("Missing Microbes," 2015).

One of the biggest risks of staying in a healthcare facility and curing your illness is to get an antibiotic-resistant infection. Resistant bacteria will develop when you continuously take antibiotics. Once resistant bacteria occupy the body, the immune system weakens. The medications do not work against them, making drug treatment even more difficult. That's something many medical professionals are frightened nowadays. It is a vicious spiral, or cat and mouse game between the development of new medication and the growth of resistant viruses. 

FACT: Chemical Fertilizers Destroy the Diversity of Microorganisms in Soil

     The synthetic chemical fertilizer usage may give negative impact on the health of naturally occurring microorganisms in soil by changing the soil pH.  Some of the beneficial microorganisms necessary for growing plants, therefore, will get eliminated, and the predominance of the beneficial microbes will get lost.  As a result, the ability of natural defenses against pests and diseases will get weakened. The helpful microbes include antibiotic-producing bacteria and mycorrhizal and other fungi which are found in healthy soil.  

     Bacteria's work that fix the nitrogen balance in the soil will be jeopardized by the chemical fertilizer applications as well.  These bacteria are needed for converting the atmospheric oxygen into a form of nitrogen that can be effectively absorbed by plants.

FACT: The Overuse of Chemical Fertilizer Causes "Chemical Burn"

Chemical fertilizers contain high volume of nutrients such as nitrogen. Over-application of chemical fertilizer to plants may damage them, making the leaves turn yellowish or brownish, and reducing crop yield. This is called "chemical leaf scorch," causing the plants to wither or die.

FACT: Composting Meat and Dairy is Possible without any Foul Smell.

The Bokashi method is a fermentation process that uses Effective Microorganisms (EM1) to pre-treat organic waste (including meat and dairy!) into nutrient-rich amendment for soil. After processing kitchen waste with the Bokashi, you will observe no fries and detect no awful odor around it.   This is much more helpful for your composting and applying it to your vegetable garden.

Stop using chemical fertilizers & pesticides, herbicides now! 

Grow your veggies organically with the Beneficial Microbes! 

What you will find out at these classes is how to enhance the potentiality of healthy soil, rather than destroying the microbiome of the soil.   The beneficial microorganisms used for gardening are totally safe and natural, a collection of naturally occurring microbes that are beneficial to human, used for making fermented food, such as bread, soybean paste (Miso), and wines.  Believe it or not, if you consistently apply it, the health of both your garden and body can possibly and gradually improved and reenergized.


Uncover the Truth!



Introducing the Basics of 

Organic Gardening Nobody Told You Before!

4 x 1.5h Recorded Webinar Sessions 

(With free email consultation afterwards)

You will learn how the microbes in the soil of your garden hold the keys to healthy & joyful vegetable production in a way that strengthens, rather than destroys! 

You will also study the details that healthy living soil is teeming with life—not just earthworms and insects, but a staggering multitude of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Learn how to use the Effective Microorganisms (EM1), what makes it so special, and



Terry Sato, the Nature Farming Expert at

Solutions for Happy Organic!

And save when you register now

with the early registration coupons & discount options.

Webinar Topics are: 

What are the risks of using the chemical fertilizers, and pesticides, herbicides?

What is the function of weeds?

What is the EM (Effective Microorganisms)?

How can you observe plants and properly water? 

Sharing Stories that the Urban Nature Farming with the Good Microbes has totally changed a life!

How can you choose appropriate containers, seeds, seedlings and compost for your organic garden?

Plus: Ask the instructor your own questions during the interactive Q&A, and more!!

Why You Need to Take This Course

     You need to learn about the beneficial microbes because it is the key of organic gardening and attaining holistic health, more specifically, Toxin-Free Life, that will eventually strengthen your immune system, and promise your healthy life. 

     This method using the Good Microbes is not just an alternative way of conventional farming/gardening.  It is a life changing experience, sparkling your joy. Many participants testify that they were led to a completely different world of Joy and Happiness. Why? It is because of the microbes. This is something you will discover during the course.

Effective Microbes Can Create a Happier Life for You

     It is unfortunate that the study about beneficial microbes has not been fully developed. It is unknown that good bacteria & viruses are indispensable and vital for good food production and human life.

     You will see now the uncovered truth. The entire course, including this Joyful Gardening Life 211 and other classes described below, will offer the basic knowledge about how your gardening life with the use of good microbes can positively influence your entire healthy life and happier surrounding environment.

What if You Miss this Chance now...

  • You will have to keep risking your life with your ignorance.
  • You will continuously pay for the expensive cost for chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides that may be unnecessary and harmful.
  • You cannot easily find out what you think it is true is authentic, or not.
  • You cannot see any breakthrough on your health matters.
  • You continue using conventional organic materials without knowing its negative impact and authentic solutions for your healthy gardening.
  • As the modern society is at a standstill, a paradigm shift is happening on the entire globe now; however, you may be left behind. Your life may not change much. The principle of good health, fortune, mindfulness is still covered for you. You might experience a series of failures.

EM Webinar series, Urban Nature Farming Sparks You Joy

4 x 1.5h Recorded Webinar Sessions

(With free email consultation afterwards)

$40.00 each session

Scroll Down for more information about the other classes and Course Outline↓

Master the New Innovative Art of Healthy Life

Course Outline


30%OFF available for the set price


Recorded 1.5h session

w/ Q&A

Fermentation to Fertilizer: Uncover the truth of Urban Farming

EM Kitchen Waste Recycling using Bokashi

Recorded Video and free email consultation available afterward

The Bokashi method is a fermentation process that uses Effective Microorganisms (EM) to pre-treat organic waste (including meat and dairy!) into nutrient-rich amendment for soil. In this class, you will learn how to make and use Bokashi to amend soil, for composting and other garden applications.


Per Class,


Recorded 1.5h session

Create a Chemical-Free, Healthy Life: Microbes Sparks You Joy

Basic EM Application to Keep your home Clean & Safe

Recorded Video and free email consultation available afterward

Knowing how the overuse of antibiotics is fueling our modern plaques, you will study how you keep your home environment clean, safe and healthy by using the effective microbes as a brand new, simpler and easier way of sanitization so that you can create a totally chemical-free life.


Per Class


Recorded 1.5h session

Heal Your Body from Inside Out: Enjoy Medicine-Free Life

Advanced EM Application to Holistic Health

Recorded Video and free email consultation available afterward

Prerequisite:  101 & 102, Recorded videos available 

Did you know that the microbes living in the digestive tract are vital to wellbeing? Learning this innovative way to heal your body from the inside out, you will learn the 3 basic keys of improving your health holistically.



Include the prerequisites of 101, 102


Recorded 1.5h session

Keys to Healthy Vegetable Production: Joyful Gardening LIfe

Basic EM Application to Gardening, part1 

Recorded Video and free email consultation available afterward

Prerequisite:  101 & 102, Recorded videos available 

Learning how the microbes in the soil of your garden hold the keys to healthy & joyful vegetable production in a way that strengthens, rather than destroys, you will study the details that healthy living soil is teeming with life—not just earthworms and insects, but a staggering multitude of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. 



Include the prerequisites of 101, 102

101, 102, 201, 211

Your Healthy, Joyful, Mindful Life Begins Now

The 1st stage for an Extraordinary Life with EM

A Set of the 4 Online Live Seminar Classes

$112  (30% off)

Set Price for 4 Classes

You Might Wonder if You Should Take it or Not

You will receive our best knowledge and experiences that we have accumulated over many years, and be generously shared the refined know-hows. Before deciding to participate, however, you should be sure, in advance, if you will fully get something valuable for your life from this course. Please CHECK it OUT BEFORE YOUR REGISTRATION.

I would like everyone who is interested to take this course, and I am happy to assist you in accomplish your goals; however, you should NOT join us in this classes If you are one of the following:

NOT recommended if YOU

1. are unwilling to improve yourself, and reluctant to learn about gardening.

2. are proud and consider yourself to be an expert about all aspects of organic gardening.

3. are not open-minded or interested in learning new things or in exploring a foreign ideas for you.

4. cannot consider crisis as an opportunity.

5. are unable to manage your time and personal finances because you are too busy.

6. have studied about gardening methods, but have never put them into practice.

7. procrastinate about what you have decided to do.

8. think you can handle everything by yourself and need no help from others.

This Course is HIGHLY recommended for you, if one of the following applies to you:

HIGHLY recommended if YOU

1. are curious about a new thing.

2. have integrity about what steps forward you have decided to take.

2. would like to be a community leader of organic gardening in your area.

3. would like to create possibility in your life.

4. are searching and wiling to learn about new ideas and develop new skills and technology.

5. are wiling to put it into action and implement valuable aspects of what you see and learn.

6. are depressed or lost confidence about your own ability to grow produce organically.

7. don’t know what to do about pests, weeds, and disease control in your garden.

8. need some help about what you do at your garden, in your career, or in your personal life.

9. think you might want to change your approach to gardening in the coming years and want inspiration!

Don't Miss This Chance!

This course is planned as a one time offer a year. Under this difficult time, one thing you can do is to keep your eyes open for new possibilities, and take them if you can find. Let us rediscover the truth together, and create a new possibility in your life.  If you are interested, sign up now!!  

EM Webinar series, Urban Nature Farming Sparks You Joy

4 x 1.5h Recorded Webinar Sessions

(With free email consultation afterwards)

$40.00 each session

Reputed to be passionate, speaking easily to understand, and teaching inspiringly

Introducing the Instructor to You



Terry is a certified Urban Farming Coach, accredited by International Nature Farming Research Center; the owner of "Solutions for Happy Organic"; originally from Japan, involved in grass root Nature Farming expansion movement since 1970's.  

While practicing Nature Farming, realizing the importance of natural healing process, Terry had been trained and had mastered a healing method, and been working on more than 3000 patients.  

Currently, educating organic farmers and gardeners in NY/NJ, helping promote the Bokashi Composting for the community gardens, he envisions creating a prototype of "Paradise on Earth" by increasing more organic farms/home gardens in the urban areas around North-East areas of the US.

Comments from Class Participants

See What People Are Saying

"Fill my body and house with the good microbes!"

K. M (anonymous)

After listening to what the instructor taught me, I would love to fill the house with the effective microorganisms so that my family can restore in good health. I want to challenge the kitchen garden, too.

See What People Are Saying

"Love to start gardening for my health!"

Daisuke Yamada

I am so inspired to start thinking of creating a kitchen waste recycling system that anyone can use in order to reduce the amount of kitchen waste from the restaurants in NY. I became also interested in starting the vegetable garden to enhance my immune system.

See What People Are Saying

"I must change the way I shop"

Chiyo Jikko

    I have used the microbe for home cleaning, such as wiping the floor of the toilet and for gardening by just spraying plants.  But I didn't know that the kitchen waste can turn into nutritious compost with the EM technology, and that it is more environmentally friendly.   At my home, kitchen scraps have been composted in the garden in a conventional way, but now I know about Bokashi, so I must do it.

     Until now, shopping at grocery stores I've always looked for the newest ones by examining the expiration date.  With that way, the store must toss the older ones.  If consumers bought "the ones that were closer to the expiration date," which means older ones, it would reduce the amount of garbage the supermarkets have to throw away daily.  Now, I will change the way I shop.

See What People Are Saying

"Excited about EM & Bokashi coming into my life!"

Kumiko Mitsuya

     It was awesome to know at this seminar about the correct way of sorting garbage, especially wastes from the kitchen, because I was not sure how to do it.

      As a Japanese living in NY, I am proud of Terry's environmental and cleanup activities with respect. I would love to take the next seminar series as well. Learning the benefits of the beneficial bacteria, I cannot wait to do more about incorporating it into my life.  

See What People Are Saying

"Inspired to do the microbes for home container gardening"

Mami Carri

     After the class, I’ve decided to reduce the amount of garbage as much as I can, and contribute more to environmental protection. And I’d like to know more about nature, a healthy way of life, and how I can help the environmental activities using EM technologies to purify rivers and oceans.

     At home, I started doing container gardening by the windows, but it's not been very successful. So I'd like to try EM for that from now on.

See What People Are Saying

"I will pay more attention to the food left in the refrige!"

T.F (anonymous)

     At this seminar, I learned about 4R (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and it is the key for saving the earth. And, I was shocked by the fact that you can dramatically reduce the amount of daily garbage by simply changing the way you buy and eat.  The foods left in the refrige are so much wasted because they are easily unnoticed, forgotten, get rotten, and become garbage.  I will pay more attention to it.

     This is something I can do for the environment on an individual basis.  I was also inspired by the phrase, “Think Globally, Act Individually.

See What People Are Saying

"My challenge is to manage the limited space for recycling"

Yuka Yamashita

It was very helpful to learn about the kitchen waste recycling system using EM. I also want to start doing the recycling, but my challenge is to figure out how I should manage it in my apartment because the space is too limited to place the fermenting buckets in. But I will do it anyway.

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