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Plants can foresee what will happen?!

A story from 1976 when cold weather hit the Tohoku region and Hokkaido in Japan.

The rice in the nature farming paddy field did not bloom at all because the temperature was too

low though it was already around July.

On the other hand, the rice in conventional paddy fields at the next door, put out ears and bloomed flowers. But, due to the low temperature, the flowers closed without pollination.

At this rate, blooming and pollination would not be possible, and the farmers around the area worried whether they would be able to harvest after all.

It's the time when the sun comes out for three days in a row in August. The rice plants in the natural farming paddy fields bloomed all at once. On the other hand, the conventional rice has already bloomed and closed, thus cannot be harvested.

The natural farming rice that bloomed was able to be pollinated under the sufficiently warm temperatures, and the harvest was close to normal.

In the natural farming rice paddies, the plants waited patiently, as if they knew that fine weather would come in August, and then they bloomed all at once. This is an example that nature's mystical ability and vitality was manifested. . (From Noriyoshi Amano's "Life learned from nature")

What this means is that rice grown by natural farming is strong enough against unusual, unexpected weather changes. Plants grown in conventional farming using chemicals, on the other hand, is more unlikely to keep up with those extreme changes of weather. It is not just one example. I witnessed many other similar cases in my life. The news of unusual or extreme weather continues recently, but if such unusual weather continues, there is a high probability that we will not be able to harvest rice in a conventional way. This suggests that there is a great possibility that nature farming can be helpful to deal with extreme climate changes.

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